Floor Sanding & Polishing


Floor Sanding:

If your timber floor is looking scratched and damaged, allow our professional team of tradesmen to help you. With top quality equipment and the latest dustless sanding machines, our team will get your timber floor looking brand new again. It may be that your timber floor is looking a little old and tired with light scuff marks and minor surface scratches. If this is the case all that is needed to restore your timber floor is a thorough clean, light sanding and a maintenance re-coat. Alternatively, if your timber floor has deep scratches and damage you will need extra measures. The floor will have to be sanded back to the care timber and from there a new coating will be applied.

Floor Sadnig and Polishing Melbourne

Floor Polishing:

Although cleaning your floors regularly and using polishing products can keep your wooden floors looking good for an extended period of time to really bring your wooden floor boards back to life you need professional floor polishers. In the home, workplace and commercial establishments, we have consistently proven that our services are not only practical but also highly cost-effective in keeping floors in pristine condition.

So whether it is your home or business our skilled tradesmen can save you precious time, energy and money. We can get the work done from preparation to the final clean up once the task is completed. More importantly with years of experience we understand floors better than our competitors, so give us a call on 0474 855 777 or send email to info@kakoconstruction.com.au for all your flooring needs.

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